Vegetable Pakora

March 15th, 2012

This simple starter is delicious and great for using up left over vegies in the fridge.

Dried Fruit Porcupine Balls

October 15th, 2011

These healthy snacks are great any time for a hit of energy. Add a tablespoon of rum to the mix to make them into a tasty after dinner treat.

Banana Pikelets

June 27th, 2010

Pikelets are like small thick pancakes and are the stuff of Australian school kids lunchboxes. They are a great way to use up over ripe bananas and are quick and easy to make.

Onion Bhaji

May 22nd, 2010

Serve these delicious fried onion morsels with your favourite indian chutney.

Roast Cauliflower with Tahini Dipping Sauce

May 15th, 2010

Easiest starter ever. Go easy on the garlic though if you are going out after.

Maki Rolls

May 8th, 2010

Making maki rolls (rolled sushi) at home is one of those things that either gets easier the more you do it, or when you cave in and buy a sushi rolling machine.

Tempura Vegetables with Dipping Sauce

May 8th, 2010

Tempura is actually very easy to make, it is almost as easy as steaming vegetables although not quite as low in calories.