Worlds Best Satay Tofu Burgers – Marrickville Markets.

Worlds Best Satay Tofu Burgers – Marrickville Markets

July 22nd, 2010

Definitely Australia's best satay burger, well worth the half an hour line up if you are silly enough to want one at the 1pm rush hour (like I was last Sunday).

The markets run on Sundays at the Marrickville community centre at 142 Addison Rd. You can find the burger cart next to the second most popular coffee cart in the markets on the right hand side just as you go into the markets.

Vegan status: Mostly vegan (yoghurt is on some of the food).

Price range: $6 to $10

Restaurant style: Burger cart

Recommendations: I generally only have the tofu burger because it is so good, but everything else is really tasty too.


142 Addison Road, Marrickville