Spoons Vegetarian Butcher – Corner of King St and Queen St, North Newtown.

Spoons Vegetarian Butcher – Corner of King St and Queen St, North Newtown

September 8th, 2013

I am so excited to have Spoons Vegetarian Butcher in my neighbourhood I feel a little bit like a fangirl c:

UPDATE: Suzy is now open in North Newtown on corner of Queen St and King St. The new premises are far larger and far more convenient to my route home from work.

The first time I experienced Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher was a sausage sandwich at Marrickville Markets. Do you know how good a sausage sandwich is after all these years, properly adorned with onions, mustard and tomato sauce, in a bun - amazing! "Where did you come from?" I asked Suzy Spoon. That's when I found out there were plans to open up a vegetarian butcher shop in Enmore, right in my backyard, you cant imagine how excited I was!

The shop has now been open a couple of months and business seems to be booming. The shop has a barbecue area at the front where they are cooking up fresh traditional or schnitzel burgers with all the available trimmings like vegan cheese, smokey rashers, pineapple or sautéed mushrooms, also sausage sandwiches and crumbed mushrooms or tofu nuggets served with home made vegan mayo and from the butcher shop window you can get hot vegan mince pies in mushroom pepper gravy and pigs in blankets (traditional sausages wrapped in pastry).

You can also get all the traditional butchers items from the butcher shop window including 3 different flavours of sausage, crumbed seitan schnitzels, barbecue burgers and tvp mince bolognese, all made fresh in their industrial sized kitchen on the premises.

Spoons are kind enough to support other local businesses by stocking locally made sweet goods from Socially Vegan Cakes, and The Vegan Tea House. They import delicious vegan cheese by Vegusto, recently started stocking Tofurky products and have so much more. I always come away with more than I planned to buy there and they seem to be stocking more new products every week. Just to top it all off, they will deliver your packaged shopping products to your home.

Vegan status: I believe everything they sell is vegan.

Price range: Burgers and mains are $10 and up.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpoonsVegetarianButcher


22-24 King Street, Newtown