Manoosh Pizzeria – Enmore Rd, Enmore.

Manoosh Pizzeria – Enmore Rd, Enmore

October 16th, 2011

This pizza joint is great, the food is delicious, delivery is fast and it is incredibly cheap. Instead of using soy cheese pizzas the vegan pizza is made with a generous topping of tahini sauce which works very well.

Update: Manoosh have increased their range of vegan dishes, including amazing pumpkin kebbeh and a ridiculously tasty sweet pastry Halawa Treat (especially after an evening at the Enmore Theatre).

Vegan status: Lebanese pizza and falafel joint that also does regular pizza (one of which is vegan).

Price range: Pizzas from $10, Zaatar pizza bread x 2 for $5, falafel wrap $5.50. We got a massive pizza, 2 zaatar folded pizzas and a spinach pie for $24 delivered!

Recommendations: Get as much zaatar pizza bread as you think you can eat (it is amazing and reheats well the next day), the spinach pie and pizza were very tasty too.



170 Enmore Road, Enmore