Mad Pizza – Just off King St, Newtown – Closed.

Mad Pizza – Just off King St, Newtown – Closed

July 16th, 2011

Now closed. Mad pizza have just added vegan pepperoni and vegan chicken to their menu and I think they are now the best vegan pizza in Newtown - good pizza, fast delivery, vegie and fake meat pizza and very reasonable prices.

Vegan status: standard pizza delivery menu with a vegan section. They are vegan friendly (you won't end up with regular cheese on your pizza).

Price range: Regular $11.90 / Large $18.50 / 2 x large $29.90 / 2 x large, 1 x garlic pizza and 1 bottle of drink $41 delivered.

Recommendations: All of the pizzas are tasty - I like the vegan deluxe (artichoke, sundried tomatoes, olives and soy cheese) and the new pepperoni pizza (loads of vegan pepperoni and soy cheese).


Now closed.


8 Wilson St, Newtown