Green Palace 2 – Burton St, Darlinghurst – CLOSED.

Green Palace 2 – Burton St, Darlinghurst – CLOSED

June 2nd, 2012

This second restaurant for the Green Palace in Newtown is definitely worth a visit.

Sadly the Green Palace 2 has closed, however the Newtown branch is still open.

It has all of the old school favourites that Newtown is famous for (sugar prawns, schnitzel etc), plus some much more fancy new dishes. It is in a great location in the courtyard Republic building next to Universal restaurant. It is well worth a visit for the food, location and friendly service.

Vegan status: fully vegan except for the desserts which are dairy.

Price range: Entrées $4-$6, mains $10 - $18

Restaurant style: Sit down restaurant with table service as well as a take away counter with buffet.

Recommendations: The roast duck with curry paste is amazing, as were the money bags (pictured) and everything else we had.