Burger Fuel – King St, North Newtown.

Burger Fuel – King St, North Newtown

April 12th, 2010

The burgers at burger fuel are good, and even better both strict vegan and strict carnivore can eat out together without wondering what is in their food.

A meal can turn out expensive, I paid $18.50 for a V8 vegan burger, kumera fries and a drink. The portion sizes are quite large though and the food was easily enough for two.

Vegan status: Vegan items clearly marked on the menu

Price range: Burgers $8-$15, Burger with chips and drink $15-$19

Restaurant style: Fancy fast food joint, order at the counter.

Recommendations: V8 vegan burder, tofu burger, kumera fries with tomato relish and the soy malt shake.

Website: http://www.burgerfuel.com/

Update October 2012: Burger fuel have updated their menu, there is now only one vegan burger option (when you take off the cheese and aioli), which leaves you with a fairly bland burger. You can still eat the fries and the soy shakes are still available as well.


172 King St, Newtown