Bakers Delight – Marrickville Metro, Marrickville.

Bakers Delight – Marrickville Metro, Marrickville

May 15th, 2012

Bakers Delight is a chain of bakeries that has (possibly by accident) a range of baked goods (sweet, savoury and breads) that are vegan.

The great thing about Bakers Delight is that they are practically everywhere, they have a good range of vegan baked goods and they are very clear with their food labeling on their website. Bakers Delight are handy for food emergencies, unprepared for picnics and events and of course lunch!

Vegan status: a reasonable number of vegan baked goods - the staff are happy to print a docket showing ingredients for any item.

Price range: anywhere from 60c to about $5.

Recommendations: I'm a fan of blueberry bunlets, fingerbuns and apple scrolls as far as sweet snacks go. The pumpkin, potato and sunflower roll and capeseed roll are great for savoury snacks. The loaves and jam pull aparts are great for occasions where more food is required.