Snakebean, 95 Oxford St Darlinghurst.

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May 19th, 2010

This diner style restaurant serves up incongruously excellent food, so it wasn’t surprising to find out that it is run by the same people who ran then now closed and much more upmarket rQ on Crown St.



Vegan status: An entrée, several mains and deserts specifically listed as being vegan on the menu.
Price range: $7 for entrée and deserts, $9 – $14 for mains
Restaurant style: Diner style narrow restaurant, small tables and plastic stools, order at the counter.
Recommendations: The pumpkin, snow Pea and tofu red curry is deliciously mild creamy, but the stand out is the viet style root vegetable casserole which has a rich tamarind sauce and is filled with carrot and mushrooms.